About What Babies Love

Hey, there mama!

Pregnancy and being a new mom can be one of the scariest things you’ll ever go through.

Just do a quick Google search for something you might be concerned about and you’re immediately met by tons of opinions and contradicting information.

The internet is a huge rabbit hole of horror, and if you choose to believe everything you read you might come to the conclusion that you can’t eat anything, can’t go anywhere and can’t sleep because you have to keep watch every single minute of the night to see if your baby is still breathing.

While we think it’s amazing that so many people online want to share their experiences and opinions to help others become better moms, we also believe that scaring a new mom ain’t the way to do it!

What You Can Expect From Us!

Here at What Babies Love, we want to help you make being a new mom an easier job by providing you with the best tips, tricks, products, and resources that are the absolute best for your baby.

We’re not doctors! We are moms. We’ve been where you are and we’ve felt what you’re feeling — the crushing panic when your child is sick, the judgment you can feel from people around you about your parental decisions, and that guilt you’ll experience if you take even a second out of your busy day to spend all to yourself.

Now we want to give back and make life easier for all the new moms-to-be out there, not by sharing our own experiences that may scare you, but by sharing content with links to studies and information that backs it up.

Someone once said that motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. Well, now it does!