20 Unforgettable Ways to Announce a Pregnancy to Your Parents

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Expecting soon? Congrats! Looking for some inspiration on how to break the news? Here are some creative and unforgettable ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents and family.

20 Unforgettable ways to announce a pregnancy to your parents - What Babies Love

Pregnancy is an exciting time for every new mom-to-be. Next to telling your husband that you’re pregnant, parents can be the most thrilling people to tell.

But announcing your pregnancy to your parents can be nerve-wracking and you may find yourself anxious over how you’ll tell your family and how they’ll react.

There are many fun ways you can announce your pregnancy to your parents that will elicit a positive reaction. From t-shirts to photo mugs and everything in between, we’ve put together a short list of fun and unforgettable ways to announce to your parents that your family is getting a little bit bigger.

Whether you prefer to go low-key or scream from the rooftops, you’ll definitely find some creative ways to announce a pregnancy to your parents in this post.


20 Unforgettable Ways to Announce a Pregnancy to Your Parents



1. Pregnancy Announcement Surprise Mug

Ways to announce pregnancy - Grandparents mug

Photo credit: CreativeButterflyXOX

Your parents won’t see the pregnancy announcement coming when they sip on their cup of coffee – until they get to the bottom!

This is such a fun way to surprise your parents and the mugs can be kept as little keepsakes after the announcement.

Get the surprise mugs here!



2. Pregnancy Announcement Beer

Photo credit: BigDotOfHappiness

These beer bottle labels give parents something to cheers to a very special homegrown brew with.

The labels are waterproof, can be applied to any beer or soda bottle with a neck and the message The Best Parents Get Promoted to Grandparents is just too adorable.

Get the beer labels here!


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3. Personalized Message in a Bottle

Photo credit: TisBottles

Give each close family member a message in a bottle they’ll be so excited to read!

You can choose to have your own personal message written on the paper scroll or if you know how to hand letter, you can personalize the message yourself.

Get the message in a bottle here!



4. Pregnancy Announcement Bracelet

Ways to announce pregnancy - Grandma bracelet

Photo credit: StanleyWinked

Give your mother the great news and a cute bracelet at the same time! She won’t see what’s coming until she takes a closer look.

The bracelet includes a birthstone, so you can customize the bracelet after when your baby is due.

Get the bracelet for grandma here!




5. Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Card

Photo credit: PoppyForrestKraft

Everyone loves to get mail. But most people love babies even more.

Why not mail your family members a sonogram photo with a card to announce the big news?

Get the surprise card here!



6. Grandparents Reveal Mug

Photo credit: TreasuredKeepsakes15

This color-changing mug may just be the coolest way to announce your pregnancy to the grandparents-to-be!

Just think of how much fun it will be to see your parents faces as the mug reveals the secret when you pour them a hot cup of coffee.

Get the reveal mug here!



7. Pregnancy Announcement Cookies

Photo credit: GritandGracetx

These cookies make for a real sweet pregnancy announcement.

Get the pregnancy announcement cookies here!



8. Pregnancy Countdown Blocks

Photo credit: KatesLittleShop

Look no further!

This is the perfect way to look forward to the sweet arrival of your special peanut OR give as a gift to announce your pregnancy to the grandparents to be!

Get the pregnancy countdown blocks here!



9. Pregnancy Egg Announcement

Photo credit: LittleElephantCrafts

These customizable quail egg pregnancy announcements are sure to be memorable keepsakes for your parents.

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The unfertilized quail eggs are emptied and cleaned, and your customized, rolled note is slipped into the inside to await the big reveal when your recipients crack the egg!

Get the pregnancy egg announcement here!



10. Hummingbird Pregnancy Announcement

Photo credit: fernwoodandvine

Looking for an extra special way to surprise your loved ones with the amazing news? Make the moment unforgettable with this unique, personalized pregnancy announcement.

This precious little potted arrangement is the perfect keepsake for your announcement to the family. Customize your news on its garden plaque and bring smiles to their faces!

Get the hummingbird pregnancy announcement here!



11. Pregnancy Reveal To Grandpa

Photo credit: TimberandTine

Getting pregnant is one of the most exciting and rewarding things in life, what better way to announce you’re exciting news to the new grandpa to be than with an engraved Grandpa Established Whiskey Glass.

Each glass is professionally laser etched for a beautiful frosted white finish and the best part? They are permanent and dishwasher safe so your dad can use this glass indefinitely!

Get the pregnancy announcement whiskey glass here!



12. Personalized Grandma Keychain

Photo credit: StanleyWinked

Remind the grandma-to-be of the great news each time she goes to unlock her front door with this personalized keychain.

The keychain includes a birthstone, so you can customize the keychain after when your baby is due.

Get the personalized grandma keychain here!



13. Pregnancy Announcement Mug

Photo credit: fieldtrip

These custom mugs celebrate parents’ new promotion to grandparents.

Get the pregnancy announcement mug here!



14. Grandparents Again Mug

Photo credit: MoMoosa

For parents who are already grandparents, these matching mugs make the perfect pregnancy announcement idea.

Whether they’re drinking their morning coffee, their evening tea, or something in between – these ceramic mug’s perfect for the grandparents-to-be!

Get the grandparents again mugs here!



15. Pregnancy Announcement in a Box

Photo credit: WishingStarByCris

This is a fun way to communicate the arrival of a baby and a great alternative to a traditional pregnancy announcement card.

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Surprise your family with a unique cute private message hidden in these beautifully decorated wood boxes!

Get the pregnancy announcement in a box here!



16. Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle

Photo credit: Petite25

Surprise your family with your pregnancy with this awesome 6 piece puzzle!

It will be a mystery as they put it together and watch their face as they finally get to see what it says!

Get the pregnancy announcement puzzle here!



17. Scratch-Off Cards

Photo credit: LailaMeDesigns

The most fun way to announce your pregnancy to your parents must be pregnancy announcement scratch offs!

Your parents won’t have a clue until the whole thing is scratched off!

Get the scratch-off cards here!



18. Grandma Shirt

Photo credit: CuteTrendyApparels

This shirt would be a wonderful gift for a favorite grandma and such a fun pregnancy announcement idea.

Get the grandma shirt here!



19. Pregnancy Reveal Spoons

Photo credit: MountainBirdBanners

These awesome “you’re going to be a grandpa/grandma” spoons are not only a sweet way to reveal a pregnancy, but it’s also a really cool keepsake!

Get the pregnancy reveal spoons here!



20. Pregnancy Announcement Wine Labels

Photo credit: PrintThatBabyShower

Let celebrations start early by making an epic pregnancy announcement to parents and loved ones with the help of personalized wine bottle labels. 

Get the pregnancy announcement wine labels here!






Creative ways to tell parents you're pregnant - What Babies Love

Creative ways to tell your parents you're pregnant - What Babies Love

Ways to tell your parents you're pregnant - What Babies Love

20 ways to tell your parents you're pregnant - What Babies Love

20 ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents - What Babies Love

20 ways to announce a pregnancy to your parents - What Babies Love

20 Unforgettable ways to announce a pregnancy to your parents - What Babies Love

20 Creative ways to announce a pregnancy to your parents - What Babies Love

Whether you choose to dial your parents up and shout “I’m pregnant!” over the speakerphone or spend the next several weeks plotting an exuberant and carefully planned pregnancy announcement they’ll remember forever, it’s your own very special way of saying, “Get ready to become a grandparent!”


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